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Ernie Ball guitar strings are one of the most well known and popular brands.

You want the best guitar strings you can afford.

Without them you can’t play, right?

Some of the most popular brands are popular for a reason – they make good strings, simple stuff.

Keep an eye out for brands such as Ernie Ball and Elixir. I’ve been using strictly these two strings just about every round of rockin’ out since day 1 – again, for a reason.

Typically a decent set of strings will run you about $5, where as Elixir advertises for about twice as much.

With cheap guitars to the best brand name guitars virtually nothing matters more than your strings.

Bass guitar strings are another story. Regular, flat wound bass strings, what’s all that about?

The best bass guitar strings will certainly burn a hole in your wallet if you’re a beginning guitarist; the good news is with bass guitars is there’s an easy fix: the older the strings get, the more you’ll have to turn up your tone nob to give yourself a more live sound – make them sound more treble-like, this is also referred to as presence. This happens because over time, the strings will corrode and collect build-up of dirt and other wonderful things.

Flat wound bass strings are a completely different thing. They’re called “flat-wound” because when the string is made, instead of just a metal wire, they wind the strings with flat pieces of metal, very tightly together.

You’ll know when you’re playing them because they feel plastic-like almost, and they’re very easy on sore fingers. Flat wound strings are definitely a step above regular strings simply because their comfort of playing.

Unfortunately with comfort comes a cost, but if you keep your eye out you might get lucky. Acoustic guitar strings and Electric guitar strings are a bit different – not much, but enough.

Acoustic strings have a more bright and rich tone, because your primary sound is coming straight from the string (as well as resonating in the guitar body, of course).

Electric guitar strings are typically of a lighter gauge – thinner, and are malleable, because electric guitarists are more stylish with their playing; doing tricks like bending and vibrato. Try your best not to mix acoustic strings with electric; if you’re an in-tune freak like me, or a live performer for that matter, you’ll drive yourself and your audience crazy.

Of course you can always improvise when you break a string and don’t have an extra pack to change out with. Personally, I take breaking a string as a sign to change out all of my strings and give my guitar a nice cleaning. Take care of your guitar and your guitar will take care of you.


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